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Name:Annotated RP
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Welcome to Annotated


Welcome to Annotated, a roleplay dressing room. We are a free-form community for in-character interactions. There is no specific setting, that’s completely up to you. So is your pace and style. We welcome all character types, including multiples, originals, and AUs. Voice testing, casual PSLs, we’re okay with it all! Membership is open, but you must be a member to post.

1) Be courteous and respectful to your fellow players. Treat others how you’d like to be treated. We will not tolerate bad behavior. If you cannot respect others' boundaries, if you are harassing others, you will be banned. If you are having trouble with another member of this community, please contact the mods.

2) Players should be over 17 years old due to the topics that are permitted here. We’re not going to check up on you, but if we learn anyone is under 17 they will be removed from the community. We do not have age restrictions on characters.

3) IC =/= OOC. Some characters are jerks, some are gruff, that doesn’t mean the player dislikes you. Also, remember IC actions have IC consequences. We frown on infomoding and godmoding. Remember, just because you know something about another character doesn’t mean your character knows it.

4) Please adhere to our posting and tagging protocol (detailed below). Posts over 300 words and those containing spoilers under one week old should be placed under a cut tag.

5) Do not post images, memes or advertise other communities here.

6) If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the mods.

1) All posts must be in-character.

2) Posts over 300 words should be under a cut. Either the post in its entirety or those parts that’s exceed this word limits. Both are acceptable.

3) We do allow violent and sexual content here. Please keep anything graphic under a cut and tag it appropriately. If the initial post is not something you would risk your grandma or your boss seeing, please put “NSFW” in the subject. If a thread veers into more graphic material, please indicate “NSFW” in the subject line of the comment in which this happens and amend the posts tags as needed.

4) By “graphic” we mean things you wouldn’t see in a g-rated movie. Do we know Bambi’s mom was shot and Mufasa was trampled? Yes. Do we see it? No. Let’s keep that in mind here.

5) Put any ooc notes in the “music” field. If your post is part of an on-going PSL or verse, indicate that in the “location” field.

1) All posts should use the tags !status: open or !status: closed to indicate who may reply. If your post is closed, specify in the subject line for whom the post is meant.

2) Spoilers under one week old should be kept under a cut and tagged cw: canon spoilers. Please keep in mind films are often released at different times.

3) Thus far we have four tags for content: cw: canon spoilers, cw: death, cw: sexual content, and cw: violent content. Please use them for the benefit of others. More may be forthcoming.

4) Please use these tags. If we find someone consistently ignoring these tagging protocols, we will warn you once. If it persists, you will be removed from the community.


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